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1. Who needs HallaGlow?
People who are facing the problems below:

  • Your skin looking older than your true age?
  • Problems having poor skin health and pigmentation issues?
  • Problems getting rid of wrinkles even after tried many products?
  • Problems having dry and tight skin complexion?

People who are looking for:

  • A safe and effective product for better skin health.
  • A best available yet safe and effective product.
  • A formula that solves persistent and irritating acne and blemish issues.
  • An inhibitor of dark pigment production.
  • Effective anti-oxidants.

2. How to consume HallaGlow?
Consume 1 to 2 sachet daily (can be consumed directly or mix with your favorite blend). For optimal results, 2 sachet a day is recommended for the first 30 - 90 days.

3. Can HallaGlow help in countering the effects of aging?
Yes, apart from being a superoxidant, it is designed to reduce melanin index and ultraviolet spots especially for those above the age of 25.

4. How long will it take before I see results?
Results may vary depending on individual. Some see results within 2 weeks while some others may take longer. Most of our consumers saw visible results within 14 days. It is important that you consume HallaGlow for at least 4 weeks to allow build up to exert its effect in your system.

5. Are there any side effects?
There are no cases involving side effects that have ever been reported. HallaGlow uses 100% natural ingredients and  has passed all internal and external QC tests from its raw materials up until its final product.

6. Is HallaGlow safe for breastfeeding & pregnancy?
Our product contains Retinol that helps to control acne & blemishes. It also an anti-aging agent. Retinol is a specific type of retinoid hence unlike retinoid not prescription needed. In addition, our retinol percentage in our product are not intense as accutane. However we strongly recommend our customer to consult and confirm with your physician to determine if this product is suitable for your consumption during pregnancy, trying to conceive and breastfeeding..

7. Should I continue to take after I have seen some improvements?
Yes. Even if you stop consuming, your skin will still look radiant and healthy. However, as aging is a natural process, stopping intake for a long period of time will result in the signs of aging reappearing again which is part of human's natural aging process. Hence, we need to replenish the collagen to optimize its synthesis in our body to maintain our skin's health.